can i be your yeoman



major turn offs

  • timed missions
  • manual save points
  • chase sequences

Escort Missions

See, this is why no one lets you make the plans.


I don’t draw a lot of crossovers, but I have very strong feelings about this one.


watching bioware employees tweet at each other is like being at a party and listening in to a conversation you’re not cool enough to join




finding out that americans dont have kettles really fucked me up 

literally?? everyone here has a kettle ??

ppl are always harping on the ignorant american stereotype and we got all these europeans who dont know what the fuck a cafeteria is and think we have no idea what a kettle is smh

My dad cleaned my sheets while I was at my moms but displaced everything in my room and this is gonna sound weird but I have four blankets that I specifically need to sleep with (a wall-themed blanket, a blanket with penguins on them, a Halloween themed blanket, and a blanket with tinkerbell on it. All polyester) and for some reason they were in our ferret closet with all of their food and toys??? I don’t know

So I am magically missing three blankets after my dad cleaned my sheets


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Requested by punkrockkhaleesi Ryan, Burnie and Michael Flower Crown Icons

These are the first icons I’ve ever made and I loved making them. I hope you guys like them. You can use them for your icon if you want, but please credit me if you can.

The rooster teeth fandom has split into two: RWBY and Ryan Haywood

It’s like the achievement hunter fandom skipped right over Ah’s birthday and went straight for Ryan Haywood.